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The nation’s holiday tree was briefly glossed over in the news the other day, and this got us thinking more and more about a tradition we hadn’t much considered before.  Whether it’s the politics, the twinkling lights, or the symbolic unification that’s inherent in this year’s event, we’re looking forward to the National Christmas Tree Lighting on Thursday, December 1st and to the performances and merriment of the celebration.

It’s been 94 years since our country’s first tree, and the tradition has endured both highs and lows. From war-torn years where the tree went unlit, to more robust ones of economic expansion, the tradition is perpetually evolving. From its accidental beginning during the Coolidge presidency to its Pathway of Peace addition, the tree and its surrounding activities have become staples of the season, and it draws thousands upon thousands of worldwide guests each year. No need to pack your bags, though. You can brush up on your tree trivia from the comfort of home and tune in at 7:00 PM on Thursday, December 1st for a range of performances that are sure to kick the season into gear.

With the page turned and December staring back from our calendars, the squeeze is on. Rather than stress, consider a more relaxed approach to the holidays by ensuring balance through and through. You might start with some light holiday shopping at the St. Paul European Christmas Market, where Germany’s Christkindlmarkts meets Minnesota and where you’ll discover a range of handmade goods, European flavors, hands-on demos, performances, and more. The celebration runs through this and next weekend, so get out and get going while the goods are fresh and local.

Month-long, you’re invited back to enjoy Holidazzle in Loring Park, though we’re particularly drawn to this weekend’s 1-2 punch of holiday movie knockouts. You can grab a warm beverage, pick up a savory snack, and settle in with good company for Thursday night’s showing of Home Alone or Sunday’s A Christmas Story. There’s nothing quite like a holiday classic (or two) to strike a seasonal note, so grab your fleece, family, and friends, and head out for a show

Find warmth in good company and good times, Onyx!

Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings

Closer to home, take note that Galleria will be offering complimentary valet through December, so don’t let the cold or impending snow hold you back. Should you opt for a more philanthropic start to the season, you can support both man and man’s best friend, or you could show support for law enforcement while enjoying a performance that’s sure to include a holiday classic or two.

The joy of brightening other lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

– W. C. Jones

Author: Christopher Hoskins


We never mind the thought of winter until the cold sets in. Then comes the snow, and the snow, and yes, more snow. The days are shorter, the nights are infinitely colder, and yet there’s a specialness to the season we wouldn’t trade for a thing.

It’s the warmth that comes with close family and friends, and this Thursday officially ushers that season in with The 90th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A lot has changed over the decades, but what might be the most significant of all is the technology now at our disposal. Macy’s interactive page provides quick response to casual, family queries as you and loved ones kick back to enjoy. You can learn more about the performances, pull fun specs about this year’s balloon lineup, and look back through the decades to see and learn about the parade’s evolution. What a fun tool to have on-hand!

From holiday cheer to the dark day ahead, there’s nothing more ominous sounding than Black Friday. It’s a thrill for some, but insult and injury are no way to kick off the holiday shopping season. Plus, with Cyber Monday just around the corner, why risk life and limb when you can click for best deals delivered straight to your door?

Instead of braving long lines this Friday, consider extending the love and thanks from your Thursday. Skip the stores, wake up your tryptophan-ed family and friends, and spend Friday at one of our area parks—where the holidays will be in full, twinkling splendor. Top bet is Loring Park’s Holidazzle, where music, vendors, and fun will be staples, along with fireworks, ice skating, a holiday movie, and more! The day runs into night, and events unfold through Friday, December 23rd at this must-visit tradition.

If you’ve just got to get some holiday shopping out of your system, release pent up energies on Small Business Saturday in support of our Edina community. There’s no place we’d rather be than 50th & France this weekend, where the Holiday Market opens at 12:00 PM and culminates with the Tree Lighting Ceremony at 5:00 PM. An array of area artisans will be on-hand, along with carolers, a Nutcracker performance, holiday specials and giveaways. It’s all one solitary Saturday can muster, and it’s just a quick jaunt from home!

There’s no denying and no turning back: the holidays have found us. Enjoy the time with your loved ones, Onyx. Make lasting memories!

Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings

There’s much fun to be had around Thursday’s feast, so hopefully you’ll be enjoying an extended weekend to get out and explore. Nordic traditions take form on Saturday with authentic decor, music, and vendors setting up marketplace in Minnesota. Sample mulled wines, pick up gifts and decorations for your home, and indulge in the deep roots of culture and tradition.

Look into early next week for a deliciously philanthropic toy drive, where you can sample cheesecakes and teas while Tuesday night mingling. There’s no harm in a little indulgence while also doing good.

Sharing the holiday with other people, and feeling that you’re giving of yourself, gets you past all the commercialism.

– Caroline Kennedy

Author: Christopher Hoskins


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