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It’s fantastic to feel Edina coming back to life and getting small glimpses of warmer days ahead. And though there have been many already, don’t let April showers get you down; we’ll have a peek of sunshine on Friday, and it will be a perfect day for a spin around town on one of our community cruisers.


Take a swing by 50th & France and take note. Already an established style-hub, you’ll see big changes for the area, beginning end of summer. Edina is growing, and an added 35,000 feet of retail will be coming to the area, along with revolving art installations, walkways, and other inviting add-ons to suit. What’s great is about to become even better—watch for the project to get underway this August.


While cruising around and soaking up some sun, remember that Friday is also a day for the trees. Consider pedaling over to Arbor Day in Sherwood Park where they will be planting four trees and having a small celebration. And if you choose to pedal on by, not to worry; you’ll have a second opportunity to get hands-on in Edina this Saturday morning.


Saturday morning? We know … rough stuff.  But not to fear, you can still get a bit off added sleep and make the 10:00 start for the city’s Storm Drain Stencil Party. It’s a fun way to get the community out and actively working to improve our space and waterways.


It will only take a couple hours to clean what winter’s left behind, and we’ll walk away having left marks and reminders encouraging residents and visitors to keep Edina green. Not only is it a great opportunity to extend recent good deeds of Earth Day, but it’s also a chance to make good on any leftover, New Year’s resolutions.


Be sure to register in advance and take note of Minnehaha Creek’s other public service projects that culminate in an end-of-year Sunset Celebration this November. It’s the little things that matter and small steps go a long way in keeping our community vibrant and green!


Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings


No weekend is complete without a bit of nourishment for the soul, and we find ours in the arts. If you’ve been holding for the right opportunity to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art, the time is now. Or rather, it’s Thursday-Sunday when select art pieces throughout the museum will be interpreted and paired with their floral interpretations. It’s the 34th annual Art in Bloom event, and it literally brings whole new life to the museum’s impressive 90,000-piece collection.


  • Art in Bloom – Thursday-Sunday, April 27-30 at Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Braemar Ice Show – 6:30 PM, Friday, April 28 at Braemar Arena
  • Breanna’s Star – 7:00-10:30 PM, Saturday, April 29 at Plymouth Creek Center


Don’t let the tall weeds cast a shadow on the beautiful flowers in your garden.

-Steve Maraboli



It’s Earth Day weekend, and it’s time to roll up those sleeves and give planet Earth a helping hand. Throughout Edina and the surrounding county, you’ll find a range of clean-ups and activities in our many parks. To get in on the action, simply bring along some gloves and a bit of grit.


Swing by Centennial Lakes, check into one of more than thirty sites across Minneapolis Parks, or explore other, nearby options. The Saturday times vary, but you’ll be through by early afternoon (at the latest) and feel even better about your day via good work done for community (plus, the bit of added exercise and fresh air never hurts).



Alone, the small efforts on a singular day might not feel like they make much a difference, but the little things we do go a long way. What started as an American tradition forty-seven years ago has since grown to a worldwide movement that engages more than 1 billion civic-minded citizens today. Earth Day encircles and unites our planet; imagine what we might accomplish with more consistent collaboration?


Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings


Feel the earth under your fingers at a one-day only pottery workshop taking place at the Edina Art Center this Saturday. It’s a daylong event, and you’ll want to register ahead (and maybe pack a lunch) for this artistic commemoration of Earth Day.


Speaking of artistic endeavors, Let’s Go Crazy with a four-day tribute to the life and work of Prince. Held at Paisley Park, there will be music, merchandise, celebrity guests, and a host of activities through Sunday evening. It’s the first year of what will become an annual tradition, and it’s the one-year anniversary since the passing of an icon.



While those calendars are open, take note that Taste of Edina is just around the next bend. You won’t want to miss out on the food, wine, and flavors from top Edina chefs. There will also be plenty of craft beer for those brew lovers out there, so grab some tickets before your dish has dashed!


As long as I do not take myself too seriously, I should not be too badly off.





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