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One of the best parts of summer is languishing through lazy days—the ones where time becomes inconsequential and when afternoons roll seamlessly into evening, then night. These are the days when meal-planning goes mostly out the window, and we’re quite alright with that. As summer moves along, we tend to be out of the house and grabbing dinner on the go more and more often, and the clearest manifestation of that sentiment is the food truck—a revolution that rolled across the nation years back and that’s still growing in popularity today.


When you’re on the road, keep your eyes peeled for some of the many food truck setups that dot Edina and our surrounding communities: some have more fixed locations while others tend to roll along with the days. Twitter-tracking your favorites is always a surefire bet to ensure you’re not left in the dust when it comes to chasing down your next meal.


If you haven’t taken the chance to experiment with food truck cuisine yet, you’re in for a tasty surprise. With elevated dishes, innovative twists, and mash-ups that might (at first) seem simply absurd, the food truck revolution is here to stay, so step up to the window and see what all the fuss is about:


  • Sal’s Place – Italian staples done right. Their Caprese Sliders and Arancini are fan favorites and the rest of their on the road menu comes equally acclaimed. Catch it at 5250 W 74th St. and surrounding suburbs. Open daily.


  • Taqueria Victor Hugo – South of the Border specialties include burritos, tortas, and what’s touted as one of the best tacos in the area.  Catch it at 6020 Nicollet Ave. Open daily with extended evening hours Thursday-Saturday.


  • Wyn65 – Soul food worth chasing down, the Wyn65 Mobile Food Emporium is an offshoot of Lyn65 Kitchen & Bar. It circles the region serving up signature fried chicken and food that’s good for the … well, soul. Check out Twitter for their current landing spot and maybe stick around for the day’s surrounding action.


This is just a small bite of the many trucks in our area; the Twin Cities host a whole fleet of roving restaurateurs. To track down others, check out Roaming Hunger where you’ll find a full listing and can social media link with your favorites.


Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings


Beyond meals on wheels, another surefire sign of summer comes when fireworks fill the night sky for Tuesday’s 4th of July holiday. Until then, the air will be filled with sounds of live music and dramatic performance. Get out there and enjoy, Onyx; the summer season is officially in full swing!



Always serve too much hot fudge sauce on hot fudge sundaes.

It makes people overjoyed, and puts them in your debt.

-Judith Olney

Edina living is truly an artful experience, and it’s one best evidenced by the pulling together of our community to spread the word and secure the safe return of Dreams Take Flight. Visit Centennial Park’s most talked about sculpture and take the opportunity to explore the park’s other new additions, along with those at Grandview Square and 50th & France, if you haven’t yet had an opportunity. While new to us, their time in Edina is short-lived, and voting is already open for our People’s Choice Award favorite. Have a look and then cast yours here.


If touring Edina’s artwork gets you inspired, take advantage of these warm summer months to expand your artistic eye by visiting some of the many art fairs and festivals in the area. A trip to Wayzata offers its own eyeful of natural beauty along the shores of Lake Minnetonka, and that beauty only shines brighter when the Wayzata Art Experience makes its 14th annual return this Saturday and Sunday.


The two-day celebration of art, music, and food draws fans from the Twin Cities and beyond for a downtown experience unlike any other. Explore the works of area artisans or roll up your sleeves to make some magic of your own. Onsite, you’ll discover a range of vendors, plus food trucks, and adult beverages, too. Live music sets the tone from multiple stages, and projects within the Activity Zone will help keep idle hands busy.


As if that’s not already enough, free boat rides will be offered on Sunday, a classic boat show follows on Sunday, and local dining spots are slated to feature specials the whole weekend long. From happy hours, to live music, and late night menus, you’ll be well-fueled before, during, and even after you’ve finished canvassing the strip. Review the two-day event schedule, download an event map, and chart a course for artistic fanfare this weekend. What’s holding you back?


Enticed by Edina

Area Events & Happenings


If you do end up swinging by Centennial Lakes Park this weekend, we can’t blame you for wanting to stick around a bit longer (especially if it’s your first time). Particularly in summer, the park is the epicenter of outdoor fun here in Edina. From paddle boating to putting, lawn bowling, and so much more, it’s a mini-getaway all its own. No matter the day, you’ll find something new to catch your eye or ear. On this week’s docket, consider:



After a day (or evening) in the park, nothing hits the spot like a craft beer and a bite. Show your community and swing by Town Hall Station to welcome them into ours. We’re excited to kick off our weekend with an award-winning brew (or two)!


Some of the best memories are made in flip flops.

– Kellie Elmore



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